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The women of scripture inspire us.
Join us in hearing their voices. 

Earth Day 



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-April 2024 -

In The Beginning

- Fall 2023 -

The Women Who Saved Moses

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What We’re All About

The Just Brave Enough team

Five pastors attended a class, and from there a friendship began, and a team that wants to share the stories of the women in scripture with us all. The team came together and decided to follow the lead of Laura, who had written a paper in seminary from the perspective of a woman in the Bible. She had a dream of writing a book with friends that was all first-person narratives from the perspectives of the women in scripture- not necessarily the big names you know like Eve and Sarah and Mary, but from all the places women are a part of the story of God's people. So we gathered together on Zoom and in-person, and now here we are. Sharing these stories with you. We love scripture, we love all kinds of women, and we love sharing both with you. Thanks for being here. 

A picture of the 5 women who founded Just Brave Enough standing outside under a tree

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